Q. What is a "standing order" and how do I change it?

A. Your standing order is the amount of product you would like delivered on a weekly basis. You may add to or delete from your order at any time by online ordering app/ ordering page, calling or leaving a note. (Please place the note flat on top of the bottles, sticking out over the edge of the box, so the lid will close on it. Leaving the porch light on would also be helpful!)

Q. What if I need extra milk this week?

A. Please contact us from the order change page or call the office. If this is not possible, leave a note for your delivery person. If you write a note for 2 1/2 gallons, ( 2 bottles) it could be read as two and a half gallons (5 bottles pictured below).

Ordering by bottles removes any confusion. We think in terms of 1/2 gallon bottles, so just say 2 bottles, meaning one gallon.

Q. What if my delivery day falls on a holiday?

A. We deliver on all holidays, at your usual time.

Q. How does the temperature affect milk?

A. Temperature is critical to keep your milk at its freshest. Be sure to keep your milk in your refrigerator at the right temperature. 35 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit is best. The average shelf life of milk at 40 degrees Fahrenheit is 10 to 12 days, we guarantee it until you drink it. Only one or two degrees can reduce the life of milk by days.

Q. Where can I find more information on dairy health?

A. Learn more about dairy products and myths. Go to our blog and sort on Dairy and Health for articles and research on this subject.

Q. What are the different milk box/cooler options?

A. We provide a plastic insulated cooler as part of our service to you. Over the years, some customers have asked for alternatives, so we try to keep a few alternatives for those that want something more unique or retro. Available in metal, wooden and 9-bottle boxes.

Q. Do you have your own cows?

A. Yes. There are just two or three dairies left in Colorado, that have cows and sell directly to customers. All the others sell to a farm cooperative, where the milk is combined with other farms’ milk then processed, bottled and shipped to grocery warehouses and stores. Our milk comes fresh from us to your door!