Meal Kits by Prefare

We have partnered with Prefare Meals because they are a local company, and they understand the value of delicious, healthy, convenient meals that help us through our busy days. PreFare does all the prep work and lets you take all the compliments when you serve it piping hot from your oven. Rotating choices available.

Pizza Kit

Fresh, from Prefare Meals, try Pizza Kits. They are fun to make and easy to bake! Available in Pepperoni and 4 Cheese. Each kit makes a medium pizza that serves 2 or 3. The exact size depends on how large you roll it out (or spin it high above your head).

Green Chile Mac and Cheese

Green Chile Mac N Cheese puts the Colorado spin on a family classic with mild, roasted chiles in the creamy sauce along with tex mex seasonings, and cheddar Jack cheese. Topped with buttered panko for an extra crispy finish.

Product Details

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