Congratulations to the 2013 Eggnog Bottle Design Winner!

LaurelLaurel from Arvada wins this year’s eggnog bottle design contest! Laurel is in eighth grade at Drake Middle School. Her favorite subject is math, and she participates in the local swim team and plays the piano.

Laurel wants to be a first grade teacher because of her little brother. He’s in first grade, and she enjoys the kids in his age group.

She’s never tried to enter the contest before, but her mom encouraged her to try. Laurel was excited when she found out her art had been chosen and was glad she decided to send it in.

“Your Favorite Christmas Memory” is the 2013 design theme. Laurel was inspired by the excitement of not knowing what’s inside of the wrapped gifts. “It’s fun waking up on Christmas morning,” says Laurel, “and finally getting to open the presents under the tree.”

Laurel’s favorite subjects to doodle are smiley faces and dogs, like the family Jack Russell Terrier mix, Molly. Laurel doesn’t think she’s the best artist, but we at Longmont disagree. We think the drawing of her favorite Christmas memory is great!

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