Palisade Peaches

Talbott’s Palisade Peaches

Each year, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of sweet, juicy, golden Palisade peaches. Boxes are 8 lbs. and contain from 18 to 25 peaches depending on peach sizes. They come from the 100-year-old farm of Talbott’s Mountain Gold, in Palisade, Colorado’s premier fruit company and supplier of our apple juice and cider. Available August through September while supplies last.

Late Harvest Palisade Peaches

"Big George" peaches from Mesa Park Fruit Co. are harvested in late September / early October and are known for being a large fruit that stores exceptionally well. The fruit is highly colored for such a late peach, is 50-80% dark red over yellow, has very good flavor, and is sweet and juicy! 6+ lb. boxes are available September through October while supplies last.